Best virtual machine software of 2022

The constant development of information technologies dictates the need to increase data processing and storage resources. As a result, using virtualization software to run different operating systems on the same computer has become very popular in today’s technological world. So, what is the best virtual machine software today?

What is a virtual machine?

In the entire computer world, a virtual machine is a well-known multi-functional software, the main purpose of which is the ability to simulate an operating system fully, and that is why such programs as if it were a computer with the physical aspects of the hardware, all these functions are performed completely in digital form thanks to the software code.

Periodically, users need a second computer on which another shell can be installed. A virtual machine is a system for emulating another platform, and it helps the user to operate the device when installing several operating systems independent of each other, thanks to which one device can combine the properties of two or more PCs. This technique is popular among developers when testing programs.

Very often, VM systems are used for various purposes and tasks:

  • Simultaneous installation of several operating systems on a computer;
  • Software testing;
  • Safe launch of suspicious programs;
  • Emulation of a computer network;
  • To protect information and limit the capabilities of programs;
  • Running applications that cannot be run from your operating system.

The first attempts to develop such software began back in the 70s. Now virtual computers can create a full-fledged computers with parallel or built-in access. Universal variants support well-known shells of different bit sizes and little-known operating systems. As a result, each market segment has its leaders.

For using a virtual machine, it is important to install a hypervisor tool on your computer that can generate the instrument or, failing that, play it. Many well-known programs can perform this task. So, the hypervisor is software outside of a guest operating system to intercept commands sent to computer hardware. It is a program that simulates a copy of existing hardware with all its components (BIOS, hard disk, peripherals). With the help of special utilities, you can run several virtual machines with the same or different operating systems on one computer.

The best hypervisors for virtual machines in 2022

There are many different programs for creating and managing virtual computers. But from the view of functionality, convenience and cost, we will single out the most popular programs for ordinary users. Among the leading virtual machines on the modern market are:

  • Virtualbox is an emulator whose distribution is distributed on a free basis. The high rating and popularity among users are because most well-known systems support the version. The advantage of the utility is a clear interface that facilitates management.
  • The Xen hypervisor is an open-source application responsible for managing the low-level interactions between VMs and physical hardware. In other words, the Xen hypervisor allows you to simultaneously create, run, and run several virtual machines in a single physical environment.
  • VMware is a paid service with extensive customization options and optimizes hard disk space. The distribution of the ESXi version can be written to a flash drive or built into the server’s firmware.
  • Hyper-V is an emulator that is used both in Linux and Windows XP. The advantage is that it is a technology that directly “communicates” with the server equipment, and therefore memory consumption is reduced, and processor performance is increased.
  • Oracle is a utility that helps work with large amounts of information. When processing databases, their real protection is guaranteed. The advantage of the system is some manipulations that help to get quick access to information that speeds up the management process.