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General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why do some of the free apps, obviously working without internet and gps, need Access to Coarse Location and/or Internet ?
Your Internet Connection and your Coarse Location are only used for in-app Admob(google) Advertisements.

2. Why does an app making use of the microphone recording function work on one android phone and not on a specific other ?
i am developing and testing my apps on a motorola droid 2.2.1, a htc nexus one 2.3.x, a toshiba at200 4.0.x and a samsung nexus s i9020 4.1.x and on the emulator.
i am always trying to achieve the best compatiblity for as much devices as possible,
but the stability of the record sound system and the sleep policy of your phone is depending and limited to
the manufacturers android audio implementation of your current android firmware.

please try to pull and send a log with for e.g. "Log Collector".
on your phone:
1. goto market, search for "Log Collector"
2. choose first free one, install it
3. reproduce the error
4. close, open Log Collector
5. choose email and type in my mail
6. send it


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