high quality (voice) recorder/player

-pitch -200% to +200%
-recording preamp
-10hours rec time
-amplitude meter
-auto limiter detects clipping and reduces preamp
-ringtone export
-boost playback
-delete all
-send as mail



-press yellow button to open the recording browser
-short click on a recording to open and play
-long click on a recording in the recording browser for context menu to delete/send/export
-enable the auto limiter to let the phone reduce the preamp slider when clipping is detected while recording
-raw recordings are saved in /sdcard/VirtualRecorder
-exported ringtones are saved to /sdcard/media/audio/ringtones


1. I cannot record anything any longer.
This happens when the task of VirtualRecorder gets killed while recording in background. You have to restart your phone to reinitialize the record sound system.

2. Is there a way to open mp3s or other formats ?
Not at this time. But you can still export any media file from your PC with a any audio software(like audacity, cool edit etc) to RAW PCM Signed Little Endian 22kHz 16bit mono format and put it to your sdcard with ending .pcm.

3. Is it also possible to do a time shift without modifying the pitch shift ?
No, perhaps it is in future versions.

4. How do i export my recordings ?
You can export them as ringtones in the filebrowser(the filelist you get after you pushed the yellow button) with a long click. They are saved in /media/audio/ringtones on your sdcard as standard wave files. You can also copy the .pcm files from /VirtualRecorder on your sdcard to your PC and import them with any audio software (like audacity,cool edit etc). See Screenshot for Import Settings in Audacity.(Choose File->Import->Import Raw Data)

Screenshots for Import Settings in Cool Edit:

5. Does importing also work on MAC or linux ?

6. Is the format proprietary ?
No, it is "RAW PCM Signed Little Endian 22kHz 16bit mono" with the file ending ".pcm". This is the best compromise of size, performance and quality because android offers no other way to perform this special way of pitching and playing reverse.

7. Why are there no open/save options ?
Because we don't need them. The step of saving is not needed. It is done automatically at recording time. Since there is no way to open other formats than our predefined one, there is no options dialog for opening files.

8. How can i delete my recordings ?
Just Long Press on a recording in the filebrowser(list of .pcm files shown after pressing the yellow button) to open the file dialog where you can export and delete.

9. Can I record phone calls?
not at this time.

10. How can i send recordings ?
When you are in the filebrowser mode, after you pressed the yellow button, you can open files with a short click and open their context menu with a long click. In the context menu you are able to send a file.

11. What can i do if i accidently deleted (all) recordings ?
if you already exported them before as ringtones or sent them as mail, they have been saved to /media/audio/ringtones as wavs on your sdcard.
Virtual Recorder is not able to delete files from /media/audio/ringtones.
if you want to restore the deleted files, immediately stop to transfer anything to the sdcard and stop to download anything.
any write process to the sdcard could destroy them.
best would be to switch your mobile off and take the sdcard out and use a pc card reader for further operations.
they are just deleted in the file system. it is the same as lost photos on a digital camera.
there are several pc software products out there which claim to be able to restore all files accidently deleted on a sd card.
just do a google search for "sd card recovery".
the path of the recorded files on your sdcard is /VirtualRecorder/*.pcm

12. Can I use "FreeMp3Droid" to convert my recordings to mp3 format?
Yes, just use 22050kHz as Sampling Rate Setting in FreeMp3Droid.

Version Change History

v1.31 - 14.6.15
-fixed layout for huge system fonts
-holo theme fixed
-admob integration update

v1.30 - 16.3.15
-fixed menu button for some devices

v1.29 - 31.7.14
-Open GL animation
-new design of controls
-theme selection in options
-Menu Overflow Button for devices without hardware button
-admob integration update

v1.28 - 12.1.14
-fixed memory leak in filebrowserlist
-fixed force close in filebrowser
-disabled popup ads on screen rotate

v1.27 - 10.10.13
-new admob

v1.26 - 29.4.13
-Screen Compatibility Mode re-enabled
-background fixed for high resolutions and tablets
-new admob lib

v1.25 - 28.1.12
-missing menu button for android 3.x fixed

v1.24 - 26.1.12
-icon fixed for android 1.5
-new textbox showing current filename
-new abmob lib (permission for Coarse Location removed, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE was added )

v1.20 - 19.11.10
-other media files can now be opened with default player from recording browser
-force close fixed
-minor audio fixes for some devices
-new admob lib

v1.19 - 30.10.10
-new error message when sdcard is full
-fixed input source problems for some devices
-fixed recording silence after a few seconds on some devices
-fixed bug where first second(s) of recording were missing on playback
-new option in context menu of file browser to convert with freemp3droid
-minor fixes for error message handling

v1.18 - 19.10.10
-new option for buffer size
-new option to hide background
-minor design improvement in options dialog
-new admob lib

v1.17 - 22.9.10
-re-fix for cropped recording on some devices
-minor design

v1.16 - 9.8.10
-fix for recording errors (recording device failed) on samsung moment and other devices

v1.15 - 2.8.10
-fix on display update while menu is open
-delete all in filebrowser has now moved to menu
-minor fixes

v1.14 - 29.6.10
-small design improvements
-new icons in menu
-new icons in filebrowser
-filebrowser now shows the file date
-about text changed
-adfree version available now

v1.13 - 7.6.10
-bugfix: $#, symbols added to forbidden symbols which get replaced by _ when renaming because of email attachment parsing restructions

v1.12 - 15.5.10
-new option for auto rename dialog after recording
-minor improvements in filebrowser (shows length of recording now)
-now a minimum buffer size should fix error on phones like samsung moment where getminbuffersize is implemented wrong
-new about in menu
-faq moved into about box

v1.11 - 10.5.10
-new faq in menu
-notification in status bar when running

v1.10 - 4.5.10
-force close fixed when recording device fails, an error is now displayed
-force close fixed when accessing sdcard fails, an error is now displayed
-minor performance improvements

v1.08 - 19.4.10
-fixed for archos tablet
-new admob lib

v1.04 - 8.4.10
-new context function on long click in filebrowser: delete all
-new context function on long click in filebrowser: send as mail
-small bug solved on playbutton when seeked to end position while playing backwards

v1.03 - 10.2.10
-new options dialog with process priority setting
-options are now saved
-small bug solved on playbutton when seeked to position 0
-problem of massive skipping when recording in background solved

v1.02 - 13.1.10
-small bug fixes for ringtone export directory

v1.01 - 9.1.10
-should now work on 1.6+
-crash on ringtone export fixed if /sdcard/media/audio/ringtones does not exist
-icon fixed