countdown timer clock with segment display

use as pizza/egg timer or ETA for events

-dates after 2038
-up to 99999 days
-timer or target date
-resize digits
-horizontal & vertical
-screen lock
-keeps time and alarm on restart
-speech countdown
-use own alarm sound
-5 colors
-counts updwards after zero

pro(adfree) version available.


Version Change History

v1.13 - 14.6.15
-black background fixed for android 5+
-minor fixes
-admob integration update

v1.12 - 16.3.15
-fixed menu button for some devices

v1.11 - 10.3.15
-fixed read access to external storage for android 4+, new permission "READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" required
-new Menu Overflow Button for devices without hardware button
-admob integration update

v1.10 - 12.1.14
-fixed memory leak in filebrowserlist and recentdateslist
-fixed force close in filebrowser

v1.09 - 5.11.13
-new admob lib

v1.08 - 24.3.13
-new admob lib

v1.07 - 27.4.11
-fixed a bug where custom alarm sound was not browsable if /media/audio/ringtone did not exist
-new option for auto changing digit color after zero time
-new color yellow

v1.06 -22.3.11
-sd card option removed because widget wont work from sd
-2 new colors
-new option to remove tags
-pro(adfree) version available now

v1.05 - 19.11.10
-new option digit color cyan
-random force close at startup fixed
-minor options layout improvement
-speech language fixed to english
-new admob lib

v1.04 - 19.10.10
-widget force close fixed

v1.03 - 26.9.10

v1.01 - 6.9.10
-bugfix for speech countdown setting
-small fixes