a simple digital amplifier


1. It does not amplify any of my mp3s?
It only amplifies the microphone input of your mobile and plays it back with a very low latency(near live).

2. What is the FreqMod (Frequency Modulator) used for?
It is just for fun to morph voices live.
Can produce a voice like a robot or helium voice for e.g.

3. It doesnt work anymore and I cannot record anything any longer on my phone.
This happens when the task of VirtualAmp gets killed while running in background. You have to restart your phone to reinitialize the record sound system.

Version Change History

v1.11 - 24.3.13
-new admob lib

v1.10 - 19.11.10
-some performance tweaks for recording
-new admob lib

v1.09 - 30.10.10
-fixed input source problems for some devices
-fixed recording silence after a few seconds on some devices

v1.08 - 2.9.10
-new recording function in menu

v1.07 - 20.6.10
-new echo effect

v1.06 - 8.6.10
-minor fix in recording mechanism

v1.05 - 15.5.10
-now a minimum buffer size should fix error on phones like samsung moment where getminbuffersize is implemented wrong
-new about in menu

v1.04 - 4.5.10
-error message changed when recording device fails

v1.03 - 20.4.10
-should now work on android 1.5
-should now work on archos tablet
-new admob lib

v1.02 - 22.2.10
-more stable
-better error handling
-prevents being killed by android when running in background
-phones volume buttons will now always control media volume when app is in foreground

v1.01 - 17.2.10
-should now work on more mobiles (like nexus one) without force closing