Speed Radar Cam


turn your android device into a speed radar camera or laser speed cannon with full-automatic speed measuring of moving objects.
measure and save the speed of cars, trucks, bikes, planes...
works like a velocity measuring photoelectric sensor.
works from nearly any direction.
can measure m/s,km/h or mph.
takes photos with speed information for later viewing.
has voice output.


Version Change History

v1.07 - 14.6.15
-minor fixes
-fixed holo theme
-admob integration update

v1.06 - 4.7.14
-text in images fixed for android 4.4
-gallery rescan fixed for android 4.4
-admob integration updated

v1.05 - 12.1.14
-drag and drop of detection circles improved
-minor ui fix
-gallery button fixed for some devices

v1.04 - 5.11.13
-minor motion detection improvements
-exit now possible pressing back 2 times

v1.03 - 11.10.13
-some accuracy improvements
-new admob

v1.02 - 29.4.13
-new admob lib
-detection circles will now light up on detection

v1.01 - 28.5.12
-force close fixed
-error message if camera device fails
-some bugfixes
-pro/adfree version available now