a night vision camera.

turn your android device into a color night vision device with picture and video camera and zoom.

-real time display
-control brightness
-control gain
-control zoom
-control shuttertime
-supports multi-threading
-supports 4 color modes (green,red,blue and full color)
-auto take picture interval timer
-record video

hold your device very steady.
fast device
with most devices you can also use an ir-illuminator to see at complete darkness or use nightvisioncam to test your ir remote controls.

adfree version "Night Vision Cam Pro" is available.


Version Change History

v1.25 - 13.6.15
-black background fixed for android 5+
-force close fixed
-admob integration update

v1.24 - 22.3.15
-VR Mode (use with google cardboard , open dive or other Virtual Reality glasses)
-Menu Button
-Aspect Ratio fixed
-Keep Screen On
-force close on s2 and galaxy tab fixed
-admob integration updated

v1.23 - 12.1.14
-minor ui fix for seekbar

v1.22 - 10.10.13
-new admob

v1.21 - 29.4.13
-new admob lib

v1.20 - 13.8.12
-new: VIDEO mode
-new option for camera resolution
-minor picture quality improvement
-crash fixed
-new admob lib

v1.06 - 28.1.12
-missing menu button for android 3.x fixed

v1.05 - 26.1.12
-new abmob lib

v1.04 - 9.5.11
-small fix for loading saved color mode from settings on startup
-new abmob lib (permission for Coarse Location removed, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE was added )

v1.03 - 24.4.11
-new full color mode

v1.02 - 11.3.11
-small bugfixes
-adfree version available now

v1.01 - 3.3.11
-small bugfixes
-menu icon cpu optimized for gingerbread
-error handling and message