a simple customizable soundboard

-use your own sounds/music
-editable button text

Version Change History

v1.12 - 10.6.15
-enable/disable button rotation
-optional menu button for devices without hardware button
-admob integration updated

v1.09 - 12.1.14
-Button Layout fixed for tablets
-now supports portrait and landscape mode
-playing Buttons will now rotate to indicate the length of playback time remaining
-new admob lib
-Screen Compatibility Mode re-enabled
-new function to rename boards (Menu button->Select Board->Long Click on a Board)
-sorts boards alphabetically now
-fixed memory leak in filebrowserlist and boardslist
-fixed force close in filebrowser
-new option set volume for each button

v1.08 - 15.4.2012
-new: move left or right to switch between boards
-new option to play as infinite background loop (blue button)
-new icon
-new admob lib

v1.07 - 29.6.10
-new icons in menu
-new icons in filebrowser
-new date in filebrowser

v1.06 - 8.6.10
-minor fix in filebrowser file size display

v1.05 - 4.5.10
-new feature unlimited multiple boards
-new clear button for button text configuration

v1.04 - 27.4.10
-changed color of active buttons

v1.02 - 25.4.10
-button text color changes when playing
-press button again to stop
-improvement of button text auto-assigning functionality

v1.01 - 21.4.10
-auto-assign a button text